Training and Development is one of the most important aspects within any successful business, regardless of size, shape or market sector. The power of people’s performance has long been the backbone of improved productivity and increased business growth.


The Award

There are a number of important reasons why companies decide to embed a ‘Green’ Policy into their business - the most significant being the preservation of the world’s natural resources, as being the responsibility of every individual both at work and at home.

This award is open to all types of businesses and will go to the business that can best demonstrate how its ‘Green’ and ‘Sustainability’ ethos and practices have positively contributed towards:

  • Successful Carbon Reduction
  • High Impact Recycling Policy
  • Strong Commitment to Sustainability
  • Integrated Green Policy and Business Plan
  • ‘Green’ Drivers within Performance and Growth Plan
  • Promotion and Adoption of Green Innovation and Technologies


Innovation in business can come in many forms, be it a product, service or process.  Its outcomes too can be many and varied, from a business launch and increased sales to a happier workforce or a cleaner environment. This award is aimed at any start-up or existing businesses a clear link between innovation and outcome.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so important in fact that we think it deserves its own category!


This award is open to any venue that serves breakfast and that offers:

  • Great taste
  • Good presentation
  • Variety of choice
  • Great customer service
  • Value for money (but not necessarily the cheapest)


Your entry will be judged not just on the information submitted on this entry form but also on the feedback from our customer voting forms. You can download the form off our website or get in touch and we will post some to you.  


This award is open to any business with a premise in the borough of Bromley who can demonstrate they are an independent business i.e not part of a chain or national group / franchise.


Your employees are your most valuable asset. In this category, the judges will be looking for an employer with a firm commitment to employee investment, engagement, welfare, training and development; and who can demonstrate how this contributes to the success of their business.


New Business success is an important part for our economy’s lifeblood. As a result it is important that new businesses - across a broad spectrum of products and services, and operating within a variety of market sectors, continue to start up, grow, flourish and move into a position of longer term sustainability.

This award is open to businesses trading for less than three full years.


The success of businesses doing more within their local community is growing quite sharply, as more people recognise and place an appropriate value on this way of engaging.

This award is open to all types of businesses and will go to the business that can best demonstrate how it has rolled out a project or initiative that has delivered significant and tangible benefits to the local community through the inclusion of:

  • Highly visible and tangible commitment towards the Local Economy
  • Clearly defined Local Project or Initiative Success
  • Tangible Benefits Outcomes for the Local Community
  • Local Community ‘Project/Initiative ‘Legacy’ Commitment
  • Local Community Support offered up as standard practice


Entrepreneurs come from all types of backgrounds and set up businesses for a whole variety of differing reasons. Our judges are looking for the best male or female entrepreneur that can demonstrate their drive, ambition, and tenacity to make their business succeed.


First Class Customer Service is embedded into the operational model of every successful business, regardless of size, market or their products and services set.

This award is open to all types of businesses and will go to the business that can best demonstrate how its customer service ethos and practices have positively contributed towards:

  • Demonstrable ‘First Class’ Customer Service
  • Market and Customer Engagement Excellence
  • Strong Business/Financial/Market Performance
  • Ongoing Business Growth Plans
  • Training and Motivation of Staff
  • Change Agility – Adapting to Consumer /Trading Trends


This award is open to any business that integrates marketing and social media as part of their approach to customer service and business development. This award is about how effective these tools are on your business activates and not about how much your spend on these activities. This is not an award just for marketing and communications businesses.


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